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Poets’ Quarterly publishes in-depth reviews of poetry books and chapbooks, recognizing new works from both emerging and established poets. The interview series aims to showcase the overall scope of work poets contribute to their society. Through these avenues, Poets’ Quarterly aims to emphasize the importance of poetic contributions to the literary community – and the community-at-large – and to recognize both the diversities and commonalities expressed through this art form.

One of the goals of Poets’ Quarterly is to discuss an average of 25 books/poets per issue. Occasionally an issue will include more, or sometimes several less, but the intention of averaging 25 books per issue is to introduce readers to at least 100 new books each year. There are far more poetry books being published than ever before and if we can showcase 100 new books deserving your attention, we hope to do a small part in promoting quality works by both new and established poets.

In addition to reviewing new works, Poets’ Quarterly aims to feature poets who are actively involved in their communities. Yes, writing is a solitary profession but the life of a poet is most often community based. Through public readings and discussions, workshops and mentorships, collaborations and interdisciplinary experiments, today’s poets are active and engaged in the broader sense of community. Poets’ Quarterly aims to expose some of these community efforts while speaking to the body of a poet’s literary works.

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Managing Editor

Joan Hanna



Lori A. May



Adam Tavel
Ann E. Michael
Anne Harding Woodworth
Carol Dorf
Carolee Sherwood
Christina Cook
Claire Keyes
Emma Bolden
FeLicia Elam
Jessie Carty
Jill Crammond Wickham
Joan Hanna
Kara Candito
Karen Weyant
Kerri Buckley
Lauren Rusk
Louis Bourgeois
Martin Abramson
Mary Jane Lupton
Martin Abramson
Mary Meriam
Matthew Falk
Moira Richards
Naomi Benaron
Rory Waterman
Tasha Cotter
Valerie Wetlaufer

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